Heating and air conditioning equipment should keep your building comfortable, regardless of the season.  We understand that most of the time, these building functions are taken for granted - as long as they work.  What if something goes wrong?  Downtime costs money no matter which way you look at it.  A breakdown in any of your systems costs money... from lost productivity to emergency repair costs.  However, if your buildings heating and air conditioning systems are expertly maintained and checked regularly, unnecessary wear, breakdowns, and inefficient operation are prevented.  Look at all the ways you save:

Save by Decreasing Downtime

Save on Replacement Costs - Your systems will last longer

Save on Paying for Repair Costs - Being proactive will help reduce those "Off Budget" repairs

Save on Energy Costs - Properly maintained equipment runs more efficiently

Save on In-House Labor - Maintenance staff time requirements will decline

Save Your Own Time

We give you the facts... Many building owners and managers wait until it's too late to find out just how costly the replacement of heating and air conditioning can be.  Even if your systems haven't broken down yet, they are costing you money to maintain or constantly repair.  We can help you evaluate your present maintenance programs, parts inventory, breakdown history, and outside services.

Want to know more?  The first step is to call Nordic Mechanical Services today for all of your systems evaluation.  Find out why preventative maintenance is the important key to extending the life of your building's equipment.  With Nordic Services, we give you the best value for your maintenance dollars and we would like the opportunity to prove it.